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Octopus Tripod for Smartphone

Octopus Tripod for Smartphone

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Complete flexibility, made of hard plastic.

360° rotatable socket joint.

1/4-20 screw link attachment screws fit most digital camera and DSLR.

Removable link attachment with lock release button.

Come with a phone mount clip, compatible with most mobile phone, such as iPhone, Samsung, HTC, LG, etc.

Flexible feet with sponge allowing it to level out a camera/phone on uneven surfaces.


Type: Mini Tripod + Phone Holder

Material: Plastic, sponge

Quantity: 1pcs

Color: Black

Mount Clip Length: 5.5-8cm / 2.2-3.1"

Tripod Size (fold): 3.2*3.2*17.5cm / 1.3*1.3*6.9"

Net Weight: 0.06kg / 2.1oz



1*Mobile phone mount clip

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