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Nillkin Tempered Glass - Samsung Galaxy A7 2018

Nillkin Tempered Glass - Samsung Galaxy A7 2018

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- Selected and used Japan imported AGC glass material and HARVES nanotechnology with excellent defensive performance. It owns super high transmittance and high restoring the original colour of the screen.
- It supports anti-glare coating to prevent glare derivative. Used tempered glass, its hardness up to 9H; scratch-resistant flowers and blowout. 
- Its surface uses Nanometer thin oil coating which is anti-fingerprint, oil rub resistance and effectively preventing and filtering ultraviolet ray. It also fused the global advanced screen protector process technology. 
- Its thickness is only 0.2mm with precise CNC cutting technology.
- Environmental and silicon coating; quicker adsorption and can be reused after cleaning.

What comes in the package: Anti-burst glass protector-back+film paste tool (lens wiping cloth+de-dusting film+lens moist wipes+replacement adhesive tape)

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