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Ringke Floating Strap

Ringke Floating Strap

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- Eye-Catching Color - Durable, water-resistant diving fabric with vivid colour design catches your eyes at a glance. Bright design allows spotting your waterproof device from a far distance both under and over water.
- Detachable Clasp - Easily connect and disconnect using the detachable clasp. Attach and detach your device without the hassle of removing the strap. The thin lanyard strap connected to the clasp allows compatibility even with small accessories.
- Lightweight Floating Strap - Eliminate the risk of losing your device when you are out at a beach or a lake. Your device will stay floating with our Ringke Floating Strap, protects loss from a possible drop. Enjoy hot summer leisure activities outside. Take pictures and record videos on your device attached to our Ringke Waterproof Floating Strap!
- Universal Compatibility - Supports on most waterproof accessories with a lanyard access point. Simply connect the floating wrist strap to your GoPro, Digital Camera, Cell Phones, any accessories where you can attach the lanyard strap will be compatible.
- Weight Support - Ringke Floating Strap holds up to 5 ounces / 150 grams. We highly recommend pairing with the Ringke Waterproof Phone Pouch for better flotation and an extra layer of protector. It is possible to double up on the straps if the device is over the listed weight limitations.

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